Chi Flat Iron Review by Kim

Works Great For Now…..


I researched several flat irons for a week before making a desicion on which to purchase. I wanted something that would get the job done and last. Though I read alot about these CHI flat irons quiting after a year, I still found this one to be the best choice. I also tested my friends to make sure it would work on my hair. I have very long, naturally curly, frizzy hair. It works great. I have had it a month. Though it does get very hot and I can see where it would dry out and damage your hair. I do not use it everyday. I also use natural vitamin serums on my hair to help keep it from drying out. People comment on how I can one day have beautiful curls and the next have sleak smooth healthy looking hair. You just have to find the tricks for your hair. It took a while for me but I found them. I do rate this product high. I just hope I still can say that in a year. Thanks…


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Chi Ceramic Straightening Iron Review by Toni

4 Years And Counting…


The pictures are of me with spiral curls I made with the Chi.. and straight hair using the Chi. Ive had my Chi Ceramic Straightening Iron for a little over 5 years and it worked perfectly up until about January of last year. Thats when the light started flickering when I would move the cord. After about 4 months of this it finally stopped working. I know thats a common problem that people have experienced…BUT… it took 4 years for that to happen to my Chi. I found a website that repairs Chi flat irons. Its called If you are still under warranty they do warranty repairs for $10. (Thats the shipping and handling cost) If its not under warranty anymore then its a flat rate of $30 for repairs plus shipping costs. I sent my Chi through the mail to them and it was returned to me within 5 days with a brand new cord. I think the shipping was about $15 if I remember correctly (I live in shipping is a little more for me than if you live on the mainland). I believe anyone on the mainland U.S. is about $8 for shipping. So $38-$50 (maybe less for mainlanders) isnt a bad deal for the speedy service you get. Better than paying for a new flat iron.I love my Chi! I should make a comission off of the number of Chis Ive gotten people to buy over the years. And I cant think of anyone who hasnt been happy with their purchase.

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CHI Flat Iron Review by Coolkid

Love It.


i have one of these and ive had it almost two years and it still works fine.sometimes the light flickers and it doesnt stay hot, which apparently is a problem with the cord, and should be fixed, but i love chi flat iron because they never snag my hair and always leave it really smooth. i straighten my hair everyday, and after a really long time its started to get damaged but its slowly improving because im using more products in it. i am obsessed with my hair looking good and i still think that i would be dissatisfied with any other product. im planning on buying a chi nano and if i have any problems with that at all then ill quit buying chis, but until then id reccommend them to anyone.the first picture is my natural hair &the second is straightened (:best invention ever.

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CHI Flat Iron Review by Katie

Don’t Know What The Fuss Is. I Love My Chi Iron


I’ve had my CHI flat iron for about 6 years. I haven’t had a single problem with it til today. One of the plates came lose but is fixable with a high heat epoxy. I feel I got my moneys worth with this item. I have no complaints. The claims about it frying hair havent been my experience at all. Any iron at any temp can fry your hair if not used properly. It depends on the user. That fact that this one is ceramic makes it awfully hard to actually fry your ends unless too big of a section of hair is being done over and over again and the iron is left in for too long. Any stylist will tell you to straighten small sections layer by layer for best results. If you keep any ceramic iron in your hair for too long it will cause damage. I have very wavy, coarse hair and have had no problems getting shiny straight split-end FREE locks. I am naturally dark blonde and have platinum highlights and this hasnt been an issue either. This is a great iron at a great price. When mine finally dies, Ill most likely purchase another CHI. 1st pic is from 6 years ago. My CHI worked great then. 2nd pic is from winter 07… My CHI still works great. I have chin length hair now and its still straitening with out damaging.

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CHI Straightener Review by Jessica

Chi best straightener

Chi is by far the best straightener that I have ever used. In the end, I chose Chi over Solia only because I have used Chi in the past and I trust it to do exactly what I need it to do. I can both curl and straighten my hair with the Chi. It heats up in seconds flat, and will stay very hot. I dont mind it only having one heat setting. My hair is very thin, but this straightener still does not damage my hair. It leaves it feeling soft and shiny. My hair before and after the CHI!!

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CHI Flat Iron Review by Ciara

The Only Flat Iron That Works For My Hair… The Chi!!


I had two Chi flat irons for 4 years. One that is the half inch and the other that is an inch. Until recently someone stole my 1” flat iron. I thought I was gonna die!!!!!! I just ordered one yesterday. Thank God I found it for a much cheaper price than what I originally paid. I strongly recommend this to EVERYONE!!! My hair is soooo thick and curly/wavy. This straightens it to the T…


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Chi Ceramic Flat Iron Review by Paz

I Love Chi Ceramic Flat Iron


I had Chi Ceramic Flat Iron like almost a year, and i like it so far, but the problem is the brown part or i think that’s what they call ceramic are fading or almost completly gone. do i need to get a new one to replace it, OH…. LORDY, i think i need to save money again for it.

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Chi Flat Iron Review by Gigi



This chi flat iron is AMAZING!! It leaves my hair silky smooth and doesn’t make my hair frizzy. I also used this on my hair just after I used the “Hot Tools Professional Ceramic + Titanium Spring Curling Iron” on my hair. Go look at my hair there, now look at it here. WOWWWW RIGHT?!!! Get this iron!! :P


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Chi Straightening Iron Review by Akc

Great! Though…


I’ve had Chi Straightening Iron for about half a year and it still works great! my only concern is that, though my hair is thick and curly, it is naturally black and if I straighten regularly (more than twice a week) it starts turning brown from being burnt. It could just be because it’s so long, and the ends are more damaged, but the more I straighten, the less curly my hair gets. Be careful and condition a lot with this product

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CHI Flat Iron Review by Tiffany

Awesome Flat Iron!

 This CHI Flat iron is awesome! Every time I use it, it leaves my hair as if I just went to the beauty salon to have it done. I have naturally curly hair and so this is always the finishing touch to the perfection! What is also an awesome feature for those of who whose lives are busy from Sun up to Sun down is that it heats up very quickly; approximately 5 minutes it’s ready to be used effectively. PURCHASE IT!

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